Delbert Reed 1919 – 2011

“Del” got his Real Estate License on July 4, 1973. He got his Brokers license two years later. He loved selling farms and ranches due to being a farmer himself. He loved standing beside his pick up talking to his clients. When a deal was struck…out came the paperwork onto the hood of the pickup. Many deals were negotiated, signed, and completed in the fields. A handshake held many deals together until paperwork could be signed. Paperwork was not faxed back and forth, offers were driven from office to office for approval.

For many years Del had DEL REED REALTY in Turlock. From his first land search until his last he loved the interaction with his clients. He always found it satisfying to match a client and a property. When Reed Realty opened it’s doors Del was ready to retire his office and hang his license with us.

He was proud of his son and daughter in-law who share his love of Real Estate and serving their clients as much as he did. He would be proud to know he now also has a two grandsons and two granddaughters busy in the office.

With all the technology of today he was amused there is no longer a need to brush a clean spot on the pickup to lay the papers and no longer a need to blow the dust off the contracts.